Monthly Archives: July 2013

  • Milo

    Milo. Milo was brought to the sanctuary with his brother Jake when his owner could no longer look after him. As they were independent cats, they were re-homed separately. It didn’t take Milo long to settle in. He is so laid back and daft as a brush. Nothing bothers him in the slightest. He loves […]

  • Woolfie

    Woolfie. I reserved Woolfie (originally called Yoyo), the same day he came into the sanctuary. Apart from his stunning chinchilla coat, his main attraction was his bi-colour eyes. Not uncommon in a white cat but all the same, very appealing. He was brought in as a stray which is hard to believe as he is […]

  • Ra

    Ra. I rehomed Ra about one year ago. He was only a baby then but as you can see he has grown alot. He has lots of character, is very playful and is a little bit greedy. He loves our dog Kasha and regularly kicks her off the bed they share. She seems to know […]

  • Grecia

    Grecia. Grecia was in the sanctuary for approx 18 months as she was a “little aggressive” when she came in to the sanctuary, and it was only in the last couple of months of living there that she would tolerate a little fuss. I have had her for approx a year now and who could […]

  • Rufus & Abi

    Rufus & Abi. This is my beautiful cat Rufus winning best adult tabby in the Manchester and District cat show last month. I re-homed him from the Heatons about 18mths ago and he is the softest animal going!!! Not sure what the others really make of him still! His owners emigrated to Canada and left […]

  • Jack

    Hi, my name is Jack ! I was brought to the cat rescue by a kind lady who saved me from some youths who thought it would be fun to throw me against a brick wall. She wanted to keep me but I was frightened of her dog. I was adopted in January 2007 and […]