Monthly Archives: December 2013

  • Benson-*Was Tegan*

      Hello to everyone at the Heatons – sorry I’ve not been in touch recently but been a bit busy knocking my new ‘owners’ into shape. I stayed in for the first weeks to get to know the layout of the place and stuff like mealtimes etc. Got a bit confused with the catflap business but […]

  • Mufasa

      Hi, as you know, I (Paul Boothroyd) took Mufasa from you on 2/10/2013. Thought I’d send you a write up and picture for your success stories page. Mufasa was one of Tharg’s cats on the “Cats for the more experienced owner”. That may have sounded a bit daunting, but things have turned out well […]

  • Tia-Previously Mina

      This is our lovely girl Tia previously Mina she is very lively and is getting used to living in her new home.

  • Rufus and Sparrow

      Hope you’re all well and are having lots of successful re-homing weekends in the run up to Christmas!   Rufus and Sparrow are doing really well-it’s unbelievable how much they’ve grown and how much energy they have. They’re both such loving cats and Matt and I love having them around…even if they do rule […]