Monthly Archives: June 2014

  • Muezza

    Hi I thought you may like an update on how one of your rescue cats was getting on. I think she was only with you for a week before she came to us. We got Muezza from you on 20th January and she was very shy for quite a few weeks, hiding under the bed […]


      Just had to let you know that puss  (now called Fleur) has settled in wonderfully. Using the litter tray, eating and playing very well indeed. Our 12 year old (Wez) at least slept in the same room with her last night and (she slept very well) with no problems although he is taking his time […]

  • Lily & Dora

      Hello There We kept the names that ‘our girls’ had we adopted them 8 weeks ago – they just seemed to suit!! As you can see, they are settled and well and we are loving having them around. Although Dora (black cat) SHOULD be the explorer?? it is Lily who is into EVERYTHING and tires us out […]

  • Nala

      Hi there, Me and my partner adopted a cat called Nala from you about 2 weeks ago, and we thought we’d let you know how she’s doing. To say she was very shy to start off with, hiding away under our bed and barely touching her food, she was happily purring away on our […]