Monthly Archives: January 2019

  • Alfie

    Its been a week and Alfie has progressed MASSIVELY  ! From hiding in the bookcase he is now confidently exploring two rooms in our house . Its taken until now for him to explore a second room and I am quite sure he will have explored more by next weekend. He is extremely affectionate and […]

  • Stew and dumpling

    A merry Christmas from me and the lovely cats they’re doing really well

  • Casper

    Hi Just to let you know Casper is doing great and has his human slave working for him very well!

  • Buddy and Belle

    It’s been 3 weeks since we brought home these two beautiful kittens, Buddy (was Coco) and Belle (was Beatrice). They settled into our home immediately and are doing really well and are growing every day. They love to play together and run around the house throwing their toys about at all hours and can certainly […]

  • ginger lily and Rafferty

    I was just getting in touch to let you know that the cats ( previously Ginger and Gary) are settling in well. Rafferty Rascal is living up to his name and he is a boisterous ball of fun and never stops eating!  Ginger Lily’s very calm and content and lovely to lie along the back […]