Monthly Archives: November 2019

  • Tilly

    Tilly is our beautiful 4 month old tabby. Her mum was found just after giving birth outside but despite our best effort Tilly was the only kitten to survive. Her mum has been adopted by one of our volunteers and now its Tilly’s turn. Because Tilly has been an only kitten she is very spoilt […]

  • Bella

    This is Bella, Bella is 1-2 years old and was brought in as a heavily pregnant stray. She was such a good mummy but having five babies took a lot out of her. Bella was very underweight and we had to separate her from the babies quite early so that she could improve. Bella has […]

  • Ella

    Ella is no older than 1 year. She is such a gorgeous cat with amazing soft, slinky fur. She adores humans and loves to be picked up and cuddled, she would have to be an only cat though because she is not fond of her current cat neighbours, and spends a lot of time hissing […]

  • Milo

    Milo is 14 weeks old, he has so much energy and loves to run around as fast as he can go. But once he tires himself out he will let you snuggle him and he will purr away. We would advise Milo going to a house where he is not left alone during the day, […]

  • Talulah, Smudge, Harper, Hank, Monty, Selina

    These beautiful babies are now 9 weeks old and ready to be reserved. These litter of 6 kittens are from our beautiful Breeze, who is also looking for her new home. These gorgeous bundles of joy are super sweet and snuggly but also have so much energy to burn off. Like with most litters we […]

  • Phoebe, Eddie, Tiggs, Loomy

    These beautiful babies are now 4 months old and ready for their new home. We are asking for them to go in pairs, as their mum has the calicivirus, these 4 will have to be only cats in case they also carry the virus. These babies are little bundles of joy and will make such […]

  • Breeze

    Breeze is thought to be around 18 months of age, and she has recently raised a huge litter of six little fluffballs. Apart from being a brilliant and protective Mum, she is very affectionate – although she does not enjoy being picked up! We are looking for  a quiet home with no children for her. […]

  • Amber

    Amber is our gorgeous tortie, aged about 18 months. Amber has had three kittens, who have all been rehomed, and she is now looking for her own permanent home. She is super friendly, and would be fine with older children or calm other cats. Amber should be ready by mid December, once she is spayed […]

  • Mildred