• Eve

    Posted on September 10, 2019 by admin in Cats.



    Eve has the feline Coronavirus (please call us to talk to us about the virus, it isn’t transferable to human and eve is able to live a long and healthy life). Eve was found in a shed with her beautiful babies, and was rescued from there and brought into the safety of our sanctuary. Eve has never known love and attention but we believe with the right owner she can progress even further than she has done already. When eve came in she wouldn’t let you touch her. Now she flops onto her back and shows off her lovely white belly. She loves having all the attention on her. She loves being stroked but still isn’t a big fan of being picked up (I’m sure most of us feel the same). She purrs away and loves to play with all of her toys. She is super cheeky and such a great little character. Eve is waiting patiently for her new family if you are interested please get in touch and come and meet our beautiful girl

    Eve hasn’t had the best start in life but she deserves an amazing home where she can be loved for being her.

    Eve is all ready for her new home now. She has to be an only cat unless the other cats in the household also have the coronavirus.

    Eve is ready to be rehomed. She has been neutered, vaccinated and chipped.

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