• Dexter (mainly black), Finlay (has one white ear), Cameron (has black fur all around both eyes) and April (has black spot under chin)

    Posted on September 3, 2019 by admin in Kittens.

    Dexter Finlay Cameron April

    These beautiful babies have Feline Coronavirus. This is most likely passed to them from their mum who also has it. They don’t need medication for this and it shouldn’t stop them living normal lives. However we will not rehome these babies to anyone who hasn’t read up about the Feline Coronavirus. 

    These 4 beautiful babies were rescued from a shed, which was filled with wires and broken glass, not the ideal place to give birth but their amazing mum cared for them so well. All four babies are intense purring machines and love so much to be cuddled and fussed over. They are such gentle babies who want to be sat on you or near you all of the time, and are going to make such great lap cats.

    Dexter – is such a loving little bundle of joy and makes you smile every time you look at him

    Finlay – is so slender and slinky and will be the first one to greet you when you come in

    Cameron – is so cheeky and always jumps out of the cage, but he will happily sit in your arms all day having snuggles

    April – is a little princess, who will head butt your hand especially if you don’t give her enough attention

    These gorgeous babies are so loving and deserve the best life possible. We would ideally be looking for homes where all family members understand what they will be taking on and the potential risks associated with the Feline Coronavirus. So we wouldn’t advise them going to a home with young children.

    These babies are all ready for their new homes.

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