• Eric, Dash, Tip, Triton, Sebastian and Flounder (ALL RESERVED)

    Posted on May 18, 2020 by admin in Kittens.

    Dash Eric Flounder Sebastian Tip Triton

    (in order left to right – Dash, Eric, Flounder, Sebastian, Tip, Triton)

    Melodies babies are now ready for their new homes, this gorgeous litter of 6 are truly beautiful and all unique in their own little ways!!

    Eric – is the handsome hero of the group always purring and always looking for trouble!!

    Dash – lives up to his name!! Always the first one out and runs too fast and most of the time his little legs can’t keep up!!

    Triton – big strong name for this handsome kitty!! He loves to play and has the cutest face!!

    Tip – such a cute little boy he is the smallest of the bunch but he doesn’t let that slow him down!!

    Sebastian and Flounder (pair) – these two boys were taken into foster care at 5 weeks old due to them not growing!! But now you can’t stop them from eating!! Both purry, snuggle monsters ❤️

    This whole litter of babies are all boys and are all as lovely as each other!! They purr, play and are always getting up to mischief!!

    All will leave us once they have had their second vaccine and have been chipped!!

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