• Phoebe, Eddie, Tiggs, Loomy **RESERVED**

    Posted on November 27, 2019 by admin in Kittens.

    Loomy Phoebe (2) Tiggs Eddie

    These beautiful babies are now 4 months old and ready for their new home. We are asking for them to go in pairs, as their mum has the calicivirus, these 4 will have to be only cats in case they also carry the virus.

    These babies are little bundles of joy and will make such great additions to any family, they love attention and they also love each other they will always be seen sleeping heaped up in a nice cosy kitten pile. They are also the purriest kittens in the sanctuary and its always a match to see who can purr the loudest.

    Loomy (mostly white) – Is such a Prince and will demand your attention all of the time.

    Phoebe (tabby with white face) – Is so sweet and has the cutest meow ever. She is very gentle and is a snuggle monster.

    Tiggs (all Tabby) – He is so cheeky, when you open the door he is the first one out, and you have to run after him to get him back in.

    Eddie (Tabby and white body) – Is such a baby, Eddie is the sweetest boy and loves to be cuddled and kissed.

    As mentioned before we will only look at homes where these can go as a pair, and will have to be the only cats in the house because of their mum’s medical history showing she has the calicivirus.

    Kittens are now ready for their new homes.

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