• Alfred and Bertie *were Alfred and Zachery*

    Posted on January 21, 2015 by admin in Success.

    Alfred & Zachery

    Hi – while I put my house in order have finally got round to sending you

    this update!


    Our family (including 10 year old twins) adopted 2 1/2 year olds Alfred and

    Zachary in June 2014.  We renamed Zachary ‘Bertie’ as that just seemed more

    his name. We had initially only wanted to get one cat but when we saw these

    brothers who came together and looked pretty identical too, they seemed the

    perfect fit for us.


    Both of them settled in really well.  Bertie was very shy at first and hid

    himself behind the dishwasher or tried to get outside out of high storey

    windows but they have proven themselves to be perfect family pets, very easy

    to get on with, happy to sit with us on the sofa  and on our laps and happy

    to let the other boys look after them.  They keep us amused with their

    playfulness, bickering and loving!

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