• Betsy now Cocoa

    Posted on February 25, 2019 by admin in Success.

    Betsy new home

    I thought I’d share a quick update on Betsy, whom we adopted from you almost three weeks ago now. She settled in remarkably quickly and has proved herself to be utterly charming. She loves her wand toys and using the cat tree from where she can survey the garden – her future domain. And even though we’ve got her a bed and house, she’s quite happy sprawling out over the carpet or on the stairs – wherever she feels comfy. That said she does also love basking in the sun in the conservatory or watching the fire in our stove.

    After getting to know her and her personality, we decided to name her Cocoa which also reflects her beautiful appearance!

    Thank you for helping bring Cocoa into our lives and  I’m sure we will continue to share updates.
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