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    Posted on March 21, 2014 by admin in Success.

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    Hi guys,


    Just letting you know how Evie is getting on and included some pictures.


    The first few days were quite turbulant. She was quite hostile and if we went near her she would lash out and hiss. She bit me a few times and gave Adam a whopping scratch across his arm when he tried to pet her!!


    On the Tuesday we bought Feliway and day by day she came out of her shell and relaxed more and more.


    She is very affectionate now and very settled.


    She tends to lie on her side and shuffle across the room which is hilarious. She hid in my wardrobe one morning without me knowing and scared the hell out of me when I saw my jumpers move and I heard a meow! She manages to find cosy spots in the strangest of places, particuarly my underwear drawer she managed to prise open after left ajar! She hates the hoover. When she tries to climb onto our bed she needs a boost! We have kept her on her low calorie diet so hopefully a bit more weight will come off over the next month or two. She wakes us up very early in the morning meowing at our bedroom door and pawing at the frame until we let her in.


    We feel blessed to have met her and adopted her. She has filled the hole that our old puss left and more! Even if she is a madam with a temper at times!



    Will keep you up to date with news

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