• Hero

    Posted on January 18, 2017 by admin in Success.


    Here is hero, the last of the litter to go from Mayo’s kittens. He settled in after about 2 days and is absolutely adorable.  He is fun, playful and very affectionate.  He loves being held like a baby and follows me around the house!  He is just perfect for our family.  Our girls dote on him and he is slowly trying to win over big cat Angel.  Angel isn’t very impressed by him though as he keeps on jumping on her back and playing with her!  (She isn’t very playful!)  She doesn’t seem to mind him when he’s calmer though and will even let him eat her food!  Hopefully as he calms down in time they will become the best of friends.

    We couldn’t have asked for a better cat for our family.  Angel’s sister Jewel was sadly run over about a year ago and it’s lovely to have two cats again.

    Thank you so much,


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