• Holly and Woody *were Kitty and Nibbles*

    Posted on March 26, 2015 by admin in Success.

    kitty and nibbles


    Just thought we’d drop you a line to let you know how Holly and Woody

    (previously Kitty and Nibbles) are getting on since we rehomed them in

    October 2014.

    Woody (Nibbles) settled straight in and was very happy with the near-constant supply of belly rubs. He’s gradually exploring further and

    further afield but is always back to find the warmest place to have a nap.

    Holly (Kitty) was a lot more nervous to begin with but has very much come

    out of her shell and now is a real wandering hunter…mainly of worms and bits of twig she’s found in the garden. She’s also very much an

    affectionate lap cat and seems happily settled.

    We’re very glad to have them, the house feels much more welcoming and

    homely with them pottering around it.


    Chris and Pip

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