• Jasper

    Posted on May 21, 2015 by admin in Success.



    Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how Jasper is getting along. It’s been about 3 years sinse we got this big bundle of fur from you. I remember the day we came to get a cat from yourselves we were looking for a kitten in all honesty but then when we foudn out he’d been returned because he reminded the previous owner of her old cat my heart went out to him.  Three years later and nothing has changed with him. He’s a really  big loving  cat, always up to mischief and loves nothing better than bringing us a live mice in the middle of the night! I’ve got really good at catching mice and putting lettting them go :) – its our own fault for having a cat flap fitted for him.

    He’s currently trying to get on with a injurred stray that we  found and have managed to nurse back to health (with the vets help) but i think he’s slowly  getting used to the idea that he has to share us (he still gets the lion share of cuddles).

    Keep up the good work

    Love Gareth, Evelin, mollycat, Jasper and blackycat the stray x

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