• Mollie-was Bubbles

    Posted on March 7, 2014 by admin in Success.

    Mollie was bubbles


    Please find enclosed a picture of my lovely Mollie (was Bubbles).

    I adopted her on 04/01/14 from  The Heatons.

    She is gorgeous-very affectionate and playful-loves to play with a ball with

    a bell in and likes even better if I play along.She also loves chasing the

    laser pen and nature programmes on TV with animal noises!!-although not dog



    She has her owns half of the sofa with her own cushions.She loves

    cuddles,sleeping on my knee and my bed of a night.

    Mollie would sell her soul for dreamies!


    I am so grateful to you all for bringing us together-she is such good

    company and I love her and am enjoying spoiling her!


    Thank You so much,


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