• Nala

    Posted on June 9, 2014 by admin in Success.



    Hi there,

    Me and my partner adopted a cat called Nala from you about 2 weeks ago, and we thought we’d let you know how she’s doing.

    To say she was very shy to start off with, hiding away under our bed and barely touching her food, she was happily purring away on our laps three days in. She sleeps with us every night now, curled up on my feet or stretched out between us on the bed.

    She seems to prefer dry food, since she’s just been licking the jelly off her wet food and leaving the rest. Did you find that she did the same when she was living at the shelter? We’ve tried a bunch of different brands and textures, but she just doesn’t seem to want it, so we’ll be moving her on to complete dry food once we’ve run out of what we’ve already bought.

    She didn’t seem to be interested in playing until we bought one of those mouse-on-string toys, but she goes mad over that thing now. She mostly spends her days alternating between napping and demanding attention from us.

    Thanks for letting us adopt her at such short notice :)


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