• Pudding, Bobby & Wiggy

    Posted on October 14, 2013 by admin in Success.


    Hi Julie, Warren and all at the Heatons,
    Just thought I’d share a pic of Puds and Bob with our new addition,
    Wiggy, who arrived at Easter.
    I was very wary at first of getting a pup, not knowing whether our boys were used to dogs,
    and thank you Warren for getting in touch with me after my email to you raising my concerns,
    but as you can see our patience has paid off!
    Wigs and Pud didn’t really like each other at first and we were in two minds as to whether to keep her
    as my boys came first, but given time, they have now become great friends…
    Bob is the one who torments her, he spent all last night on her bed!!
    Can you believe its 2 years in December (the 5th) since we brought them home!
    The time has gone so quickly..
    I really can’t imagine not being with any of them.
    Hope you like the picture and I will send you a 2 year anniversary one in December!!
    Take care, Love Julie xx

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