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    Posted on October 14, 2013 by admin in Success.

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    Hi guys,
    So I’m finally getting round to sending pictures and my re-homing story for the website….
    A long time ago, in a cattery not very far away…
    When I first met Sammy he was a wee little ginger tiger who had a real problem with his back leg.
    Doubt had been cast over his future and the vet was unable to diagnose the problem.
    However, the sanctuary – as usual – would not give up.
    Unhampered by his disability, although incredibly lazy, Sammy was a happy kit.
    A special thanks to both the cattery and in particular the very kind individual who nurtured Sammy at his most vulnerable time,
    giving him physiotherapy and a very stimulating environment (Coral!) for the growing kit, helping him overcome his weakness.
    He has totally transformed into a really hyper, playful kit, just playing with everything and always up for a game!
    He is also the most food-obsessed cat I have ever seen – constantly hoovering up anything remotely edible and what isn’t
    (such as a rubber skeleton foot), as well as always trying to get more food whenever anyone is in the kitchen!
    Sammy has been living with me for about 4 months now and he is shown so much progress.
    Initially he couldn’t jump barely a foot across, now he can jump 3.
    Also for a cat that couldn’t jump vertically over 10cm, to now scale and balance on fences, he is a real trooper.

    I also adopted a 10-year white cat a few months later who I named Lumi.
    She was rescued from the park right where I live, during the snowy period in January – she was very skinny, very shy, very cold and very slow.
    Having been looking after her for a few weeks she is really doing well – she is wandering around more, eating more, moving more quickly and her fur is now much softer.
    She is such a peaceful, gentle cat – all she wants to do is cosy up and nuzzle your face in the most adorable way.
    She is enjoying her new home greatly and immediately got on well with Sammy – already they cuddle up next to each other and he gives her a good ol’ grooming!
    They are both wonderful cats, lots and lots of thanks to everyone who works at the cattery, it’s really a very special thing you all do.

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