Cupid & Romeo

approx 16 weeks old *** RESERVED ***

Cupid and Romeo are brothers, aged around 16 weeks, and are typical lively kittens.

Both boys are neutered, microchipped and fully vaccinated, and have been treated for fleas and worms.

They have a very mild abnormality in the bone structure in their chests. It is called Pectus Excavatum and both boys have been checked and monitored by our vet who is not concerned about them as it is not severe enough to warrant any treatment or surgical intervention. Their only symptom is some breathlessness on vigorous exercise – caused by the fact that there is a marginal restriction in their ability to expand their lungs to normal capacity. Our vet assures us that this does not limit their life expectancy at all. His only recommendation is that they are not allowed to gain too much weight. We will cover the cost of all vet fees relating to this condition in the highly unlikely event that they need to see our vet in the future.

The boys are bonded,but they are so friendly that we know they will settle well if rehomed separately. They are puurry, loving little boys who crave cuddles and attention.

We are looking for a home where there are calm children 10+ and where the boys will be able to have access to safe green space once they are old enough to go outside.

If they sound perfect for you please apply using the application form below…..

Please read our rehoming policy before applying. We do not, for example rehome within 100m of a main road or other hazard.

Adoption fee of £85 applies per kitten