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Our Partners

Ella now Selena

Ella came into rescue on the 02.11.2019 and was rehomed on the 02.01.2020.

” Thanks for taking such good care of me x Ella x “

Milo now Monty

Milo came into rescue on the 13.11.2019 and was rehomed on the 04.01.2020.

” One week in & Monty (new name) is loving life. He still either charges round like a lunatic or sleeps & nothing in between, eats like he is starving & loves to snuggle! His new siblings are coming round to the idea of him & will at least now join him on the bed at night “

Tiggs and Eddie now Guiness and Gizmo

Eddie now Gizmo

Tiggs and Eddie were born in rescue on the 15.08.2019 and were rehomed on the 10.01.2020.

” Within 30 minutes of arriving home we were receiving cuddles and they were playing with the toys we bought them. They seem very much at home and happy. Purring all the time and enjoying the space of the whole house. They always followed into whatever room I’m in. Cheeky, full of energy and love exploring. They are also love being picked up and having cuddles. “


Monty was born in rescue on the 21.09.2019 and rehomed on the 12.01.2020.

” Monty has settled in extremely well with us here! We’re loving his company and hopefully he is enjoying ours. “


Bella came into rescue on the 13.08.2019 and was rehomed on the 18.01.2020.

” Just wanted to let you know that Bella has settled really well in her new home and we love having her as part of our family “



In Memory of Jenny.

Jenny was adopted from the Heatons Animal Rescue Group October 2008. Sadly she passed away this week after a short but serious illness.
We helped her make the right choice for her at this sad time and we miss her dearly as does Smokey-joe our other rescue cat.

We called her our story book cat, a neat,  proud, small creature with incredible presence. She filled our hearts with love as we hope we filled hers in the short time we belonged to her.

We miss you dearly Jenny-Hoops.


Lottie_1s Lottie_Suzy_2s


In Memory of Lottie

Lottie (formerly Tiny) was a black and white cat. We adopted her with Suzy (the white cat in the pictures).
They were best friends and used to go exploring together, hunting birds and frogs.
Lottie loved bringing us presents, from birds and frogs to twigs and rose petals.
Lottie was a very vocal cat, and would always respond when spoken to.
Sadly, in January 2012 when she was only 18 months old, she was hit by a car that fatally wounded her.
She managed to crawl under a car on someone’s drive and we found her there three days later.
She is greatly missed by all of us, especially Suzy.

Debbie and Sophie.




In Memory of Wanda

We adopted Wanda in August 2011 but regret to inform you that she sadly passed away last week after a serious illness.
The two short years we had her were so special and the house feels so empty without her.
She was such a loving cat, who greeted us as soon as we walked through the door after work.
We will miss her so much. 






It is with much sadness that we announce the death of Jimmy

Jimmy had been a sanctuary cat for many years. Not re-homeable due to his many health issues and needing a home that could care for all his veterinary needs. His face will be familiar to those who have a sanctuary leaflet, and in honour of his life he will remain on the leaflet to remind everyone what cat rescue is all about. He came to Bob and his late wife Sue when his owners could not cope with or afford his needs. They would never give up on a cat so found a home with them for what turned out to be a long and happy life. Under Susan and Bob’s and more recently myself and Bob’s loving care he thrived. He coped with illness bravely and when he was well, enjoyed sunbathing and playing with our other cats. He had a hearty appetite and loved his cuddles. Jimmy will always be remembered for his kind heart and loving temperament. Our kind and peaceful little boy was loved by everyone he met. He passed away at home on 17th may 2013 and our home and hearts are emptier without him. We are honoured to have loved him. Rest in peace Jimmy All our love Mum & Dad (Bob & Ange)

Smokey Joe


In memory of Smokey Joe

Smokey Joe was adopted from the Heatons Animal Rescue Group in September 2008, along with Jenny (who passed away last year). After a brave battle with Lymphoma, Smokey-Joe passed away last week. We helped him make the right choice at this sad time. A beautiful and gentle soul with the longest tail a cat could ever have. His sleek black coat hid a secret of the snowy white underneath. Crooked legs and a cataract in one eye made him all the more special. Smokey-Joe was destined to be our cat and companion. He found his true home with us and we loved him very much. We are privileged to have felt that love back from him. We miss you Mr ‘Joe. Lisa and Adam.