18+ *** RESERVED ***

Jess is the sweetest little girl you could ever meet she just adores being cuddled and snuggled all day long! Everyone always takes time out of their day for a Jess cuddle because they are the BEST!! she literally melts into your arms as your cuddling her and the little purr she has is the most amazing noise you could here. Jess was abandoned and left to fend for herself and when she came to us she was in such a bad way! she is now stable and on Thyroid medication (we will cover this cost) and also having a major dental that we didn’t even know if she would survive it. But here we are now. This girl deserves to have a loving home and family to live out the last of her years! she needs love and attention and a family to tell her how beautiful she truly is! she gets told here by us everyday so it would need to continue! she is an amazing cat and trust me adopting her would be the best thing you will ever do! We can’t promise she will be in your life for long but we can promise you will never get as much love as she can give and you will never forget her, i know we wont!

Jess is on Thyroid medication and will need check-ups for this to check dosage, but apart from that she is as fit and healthy as she can be. Jess will be ready for her new home in the next couple of weeks.