Lavender 18 + **RESERVED**

Lavender is our other older lady. She was found by a lovely man who thought she was possibly dying due to her not being able to move, but a quick visit to our vet and then an overnight stay at the emergency vet and she is doing great! As great as an old lady can be. She is so lovely and sweet and really just loves humans. We have no idea where she came from but we are so glad we now have her and are hopeful we can find her a loving family who will treat her like the princess she is. She has an amazing purr and looks at you with the saddest eyes that melt your heart but she is so loved and cared for and we really think she is so happy to be saved. She so far isn’t on any long lasting medication and is still fighting fit so will be rehomed but may need to go on a few vet visits to check she is still doing ok.

Lavender won’t be ready for a few weeks but we would love to find her a home for when she is.