15 weeks

Barney is our not so little anymore bundle of FLUFF!! Barney came to us at 6 weeks old, covered in fleas, tiny and underweight but we soon fattened him up! Barney is super cute and sweet and loves to cuddle but under all that floof is a naughty little kitty who wants to play all the time! and if he doesn’t get the attention he needs or requires he will attack your toes!! Barney has melted a lot of hearts here and gets endless snuggles every day, i think he spends more times being in people arms than he does being on the floor but he loves that! He needs a lot of attention so would need to be in a house where people are around for most of the day or he cries!

Barney will be ready to go at the end of October, he will be vaccinated, chipped and a date on neutering will be agreed upon rehoming as he is nearly old enough for this to be done.

**PLEASE NOTE – Barney has feline coronavirus which is a very common virus among the cat population in the uk! This means that Barney has to be an only cat unless the other cat also has feline coronavirus, we are happy to answer any questions you may have on this, coronavirus can lead to FIP in rare cases but the statistics are very low, and Barney can leave a completely normal life with feline coronavirus like many other cats do.**