Finn and Felix

5 months old *RESERVED*

We have two adorable kittens in need of a loving home.We would like to rehome them as a pair.Felix is quite a shy boy and looks to his siblings for confidence. We are sure with plenty of handling and love he will come out of his shell in no time. Finn is very outgoing and confident and loves cuddles and lots of play time. Please note we will not split them into singles.As Felix is still quite nervous, we are looking for a home where there are no children under the age of 10. The kittens have tested positive for feline Coronavirus ( humans cannot catch it), which is very common in cats, however these kittens would need to go to cat free homes. They have been vet checked and are healthy, but there is a small risk ( less than 10%) that this could develop into FIP ( Feline Infectious Peritonitis) in kittens.