4/5 months **RESERVED**

Gizmo is our handsome young chap. His pictures don’t do him justice, he is a semi long haired cute ball of fluff!! all he does is purr and want cuddles 24/7 you would not find a sweeter kitten if you tried. He would need a family who can give him all the attention and play time he deserves, and a family who will treat him like the spoilt little prince he truly is.

Gizmo will need a home where he can have attention constantly, he is super cute and cuddly but like all kittens he will need humans to play with him so he doesn’t get lonely. Gizmo came from a multicat household so ideally he would go to a home where there is another cat living but this is not a necessity. Also our usually rule of NO children UNDER 5 will apply.

Gizmo will be ready from the first week of December after he has had his second vaccination, he is also already chipped and neutered.