The Encanto kittens

12 weeks old

These beautiful babies are definitely a handful and I bet mummy Mirabel is so glad of the break. Six beautiful babies all so different but all equally cheeky. These babies are very small for their age, they were born outside in a shed and came to us after being found by the new house owner. The two biggest kittens, Augustin and Antonio, are the scaredy cats of the bunch, they purr away and love human cuddles but they will take the longest to come out and meet you. Felix and Luisa are the comedians of the group they are always in a funny position or will be getting into mischief somewhere and making you laugh, and then the tiny babies of the group, Dolores and Baby Bruno are the little angels, so cute it hurts. They are also the naughtiest and always running into things that they shouldn’t.

These kittens will be ready mid July, after their second vaccination. They will also be chipped and neutered/spayed once old enough. They will need access to the outside when they are older, and we do not rehome kittens to families with dogs or children under 5.

To apply please email the below information to:

-Your address

-Your contact number

-whether you have children

-Whether you have other pets

-If you live in rented accommodation or you own your home (if you rent we will need to see you landlord’s written permission to have a pet)-We would also like to know your average working pattern.

Please read our rehoming policy before applying