The R's (Robbie and Roly)

12 weeks

This handsome duo are now looking for their new home! They came to us at around 8 weeks old and were born outside but the people who rescued them did an amazing job feeding them, they are all quite small for their age but i’m sure these two will grow up to be handsome chunky boys in no time. These two are opposites, Roly is so cheeky and naughty and runs around with such speed that his little legs can’t keep up most of the time. Robbie is cheeky too but he is a lot more chilled and prefers to play with toys rather than run around in circles. Both boys love cuddles and purr like steam engines, they both have amazing coats of fur and are silky soft. They are stunning, handsome little boys who deserve the best family.

The boys will be ready at the end of October, and will be vaccinated and chipped, and according to all kitten adoptions will be neutered at 5-6 months old.