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  • Guss & Dewey

    Hi Just a quick line to let you know Guss & Dewey (formerly Myra & Melina respectively) are doing well. They took a while to settle in, both were very nervous especially Dewey who took nearly a month to come out from under the couch. She’s turned into a really affectionate cat now though making […]

  • Malcolm

    Hi there, I adopted a kitten from you guys on 28th May this year. He’s 6 months now and I absolutely love having him. I thought i’d send you some pictures Amna. 

  • JJ

    Hi, we rehomed JJ (formerly known as Ceegan) in Feb 2011. As you can see, he was a little shy at first and rarely came out of the TV cabinet. But it wasn’t long before he settled in! He is certainly a character and has us laughing at the things he does nearly every day […]

  • Iggy & Tia

    Just to let you all know Iggy is getting on great and has settled in well with his long lost girlfriend Tia LOL. Whilst they have the odd lovers tiff they do enjoy each others company. Our journey of finding Iggy is finally over and our pet family is now complete. So thanks to all […]

  • Tinsel & Bauble

    We came to get a new addition to our house in January and ended up falling in love with 2 special little cats Bauble and Tinsel. Bauble is one of the most mischievious cats you could ever meet, he eats lots of treats and reminds you of the cat off the dreamie advert, where ever […]

  • Amber & Honey

    Hello to all the THARG team, I thought I would send you an email to let you know how my two gorgeous girls are doing!! We brought the girls home on Thursday 11th August 2011. We were very excited and had their bedroom all ready!!! Honey was very quiet when we got home but Amber […]

  • Ava & Ramona

    I thought that I would give you a quick update on how our cats are doing. We adopted Ava, a black and white kitten, back in September 2010. We wanted a kitten following the death of our old girl a few months earlier, however while in the rehoming centre, my husband fell in love with […]

  • Winston

      Hello to all at the Heatons, Winston has been with us for 4 months now so I thought you’d like to see how much he’s grown and hear how he’s doing. Winston settled in well with us after investigating all of the house. As you can see from the photograph he has made himself […]

  • Florence and Molly

    Hi Julie, Simon and everyone Just to let you all know that Florence is settling in well after being rehomed on 1/7/11. She is such a beautiful little cat with a calm nature and a lovely temperament. Having said that she wakes up at 5/30am every morning(!!) and races around the house for 2 hours […]

  • Richard and Sugar

    Hi, Back in 2001 myself and my partner adopted one of your oldest residents Suger. She lived in Manchester with us and then later moved with us to Gran Canaria where she has had a great life enjoying the sunshine. Sadly today she passed away after a great innings. I just thought you might appreciate […]

  • Zooko

    We brought Zooko home yesterday and it didn’t take him very long to settle in and look very smug and content. His purr is amazing! He’s an extremely affectionate cat and is a very welcome addition to our family. Cinnamon our other cat is slowly accepting that he’s here to stay and we think they’ll […]

  • Bam

    Here is a photo I took today of Bam soaking up some sunshine! I adopted Podge off you a couple of months ago now, she has since been renamed Bam. She is settling in beautifully, infact only hours after I got her home she was sauntering around like she owns the place. She has claimed […]

  • Shelly

    We have only had Shelly since Saturday and already she has come out of her shell. If she’s not demanding attention and wanting to play then she is exploring the house. Today she decided to go upstairs and walk along the mantle piece, so one could say she is defiantly feeling at home. Robyn-Louise.

  • Alfie

    I thought you might like an update about Alfie who we adopted about 1.5 years ago. He was quite poorly when we got him (cat flu/eye infection) and when we took him to the vet they found out that he has FIV. He has to stay indoors but he’s not bothered – we think he […]

  • Nessie

    We rehomed Nessa, which has now morphed into Nessie, on Halloween 2009, we already had a cat, Jack, who was missing his pal who had sadly died in the summer before. Nessie spends much of her time sleeping in her basket next to Jack, She loves her belly being rubbed and is a very affectionate […]

  • Stella

    We collected our kitten from the Heatons Animal Rescue Group and instantly fell in love with her. The Rescue group are very proffessional and made sure our kitten was coming to a good home. We’ve had Stella (our new name for her) for a few days and she has fitted in so well. My fiancee […]

  • Indie & Mia

    Hello to all the team at the Heaton animal rescue, Just thought i would send you an email to let you know how Mia and Indie (was known as Lauren and Kitten) are getting on. Having just bought our first house my boyfriend and I wanted two cats to make our home feel complete so […]

  • Charlie (Formerly Jonass)

    Hello all, Another Charlie! We picked this fella up a couple of weeks ago and he settled right in. Of course he had to thoroughly explore his new home first, and found every nook and cranny. He even managed to go ‘missing in action’ by finding a gap around the back of a set of […]

  • Norma

    Hi We would just like to let you know how Norma is doing with us. We rehomed her in August, and after spending 2 days hiding under a bed we finally enticed Norma downstairs with some tuna! Since then she has made our home her home. Norma enjoys sleeping in the sun on our decking […]

  • Mabel & Mumford

    Hello! We recently adopted Jangles from you and previously Avril in July 2009 and wanted to send you an update. As you can see, Mumford (formerly Jangles) is settling in really well and gets on with our lovely Mabel (formerly Avril). He was quite poorly when we got him and had to be kept isolated […]

  • Charlie

    Dear Julie and friends, Charlie(Rio)s first day at ‘home’. As you can see from thre pictures he has settled in well. He’s had an unfriendly encounter with the a black and white cat from a few doors away. I have managed to wean him off the chicken! Now once again he’s eating cat food! Purrs, […]

  • Archie (Formerly Homer)

    Archie (previously Homer) came to live with us following the untimely death of Tilly, a gorgeous female cat we had rehomed from THARG. We were torn between a cat by the name of Pickles and Homer (now Archie) but in view of the hard work and amount of time we had put into Tilly (who […]

  • Mabel (Formerly Zazoo)

    Just to let you know, Mabel (previously Zazoo) is settling really well into her new home. She is such an adorable cat – so cuddly and affectionate. She sits on our laps for hours, purring away, nudging our hands when we stop stroking her even for a second! She has a little toy cat who […]

  • Honey (Formerly Tammy)

    Hi Julie and the gang. Just wanted to update you on Tammy (now Honey), who we adopted from you in Nov 2010. She is gorgeous, she has settled in very well, has put on weight and her coat is lovely, thick and furry now. As you can see, she loves playing, especially in her play […]

  • Eponine

    Just wanted to send you a success story for the website on Eponine! Eponine was very shy when we first met her at the Heatons. After deciding that she was the one for us she took a long time to come out of her cat box but as soon as she did she really came […]

  • Rusty

    Hi I just thought I would send you these pics to put on the website of Baker (now Rusty). He is settling in and enjoys looking out of the front window to see whats going on. His favourite place when I’m in is on top of the sofa watching TV and snoozing. He really is […]

  • Syd

    Hi there We brought Syd home at the end of October 2010; he is doing very well and is now truly settled in. We needed a streetwise cat as there are so many cats on our road; well, we couldn’t have got a better fit. Within a few weeks of being here he established himself […]

  • Matilde, Mletchko & Javert

    Hi, We recently adopted Nettie and Lettie (now Matilde and Mletchko) and Bucky (now Javert) and we’re just letting you know how they are getting on! When they first arrived they spent all their time playing with the christmas tree and causing chaos! But now they have definitely calmed down and enjoy being in each […]

  • Rocky

    Hello everyone. I collected Rocky just over a year ago last September,  fell in love with him straight away and phoned the wife to tell her about his plight. When I took him home, to all intents and purposes he was ferral, hissing at anyone or anything that moved. He proceeded to take refuge under […]

  • Boris

    Hello to all at The Heatons Animal Rescue, My family and I came to your sanctuary towards the end of August last year. Fortunately you had just the cat for our family !! We were able to rehome a large ginger male cat, then called Vivian. Just an update to let you know how he […]

  • Dudley (Formerly Avatar)

    We just though we’d update you on Avatar, a 3(ish)yr old male tabby whom we re-homed in September last year. Following the loss of our previous cat Jinks (also a male tabby) we waited for over a year before deciding to home another cat. We checked the website and read the stories of the cats […]

  • Thera & Duffy

      Dear all, We adopted Thera and Duffy from you in November, one week apart if you remember, we came back for Duffy! They are the most delightful and wonderful additions to our family, we are so happy to have them both, thank you so much. They asked us if they could send an e-mail […]

  • Mork

    Hi There, We thought you may like to see Mork and hear his story since leaving the sanctuary. I rehoused Mork 2 years ago. He has always been a house cat and as you can see he is very happy and contented. He ate lots of turkey over Christmas despite having no teeth!!. Peter . 

  • Murphy (Formerly Bilbo)

    Hi “Murphy” formerly Bilbo would just like you to know that he is very well and settled, and wishes you all a very Happy Christmas, and thanks you for re-homing him with Steve & Sue. He is definately a man’s cat, as he won’t leave Steve alone, he loves nothing more than to jump on […]

  • Speckles

    Hi, Here is our handsome boy Speckles. We re-homed him quite a number of years ago now and we never updated you – until now. We came to the sanctuary and were shown Speckles as he had been there a long time. We had never had cats before and so when he growled at us, […]

  • Dave

    We came in several weeks ago and adopted Dave. We just want to thank you, because he has been such a great addition to our home. He has very long fur and he’s very soft and fluffy. Dave is a great companion, and doesn’t stray very far from us. He’s usually curled up on the […]

  • Emma (Formerly Missy)

    Hello I have finally found the time to send in a little update and a picture of Missy ( now known as Emma) Thanks for my cat, she is adorable and i don’t know what i would do without her! Emma has settled in very well in her new home. She is the friendliest cat […]

  • Sox and Jessy

    Last New Year’s Eve, my wife and I re-homed 2 of your cats that you had in your shelter. At the time, they were named Omar and Lois (brother and sister). Since we got them home, they have been re-named Sox and Jessy. They are both so soft, we are so glad that we have […]

  • Perci

    Hello! I hope that all the staff and kitties at the sanctuary are well. As it’s now been exactly one year since we adopted our cat, Perci, from your lovely little sanctuary, I thought I’d send you an update to let you know how she’s getting on. Perci has settled right into life with us- […]

  • Cloudy

    Dear Julie, Just a quick message to say that the little grey and white kitten we adopted at the start of January is now a grown-up: it is her first birthday today. She has been showered with cat toys, tins of fish, and ribbons to play with! She has given us all so much pleasure, […]

  • Spike & Bobby

      Hi, Have finally got round to sending some photos of Spike & Bobby (prev known as Javert & Valjean). As you can see they have completely settled in their new home, they did live under the kitchen cupboards for a few months and weren’t the friendliest of cats, to say the least. Spike (short […]

  • Wanda

    We adopted Wanda in August. She wasn’t too happy on the journey home but once she got home she discovered her food within 5 minutes & began to explore the house, rubbing against everything she could find. She is very affectionate & loves to be stroked, she will often mew at you when you go […]

  • Zuzu

    Hi Everyone at THARG Just to let you know that Zuzu is doing fine. She has turned from a timid little mum into a tricky, playful young cat! She loves her new home and both her’s and her sister’s toys! She especially loves her garden as you can see from the pictures. She is adored […]

  • Algy (Formerly Shrek)

    Here’s the meeting with one thought in mind. Sleep! After one night of who do you think you are feline hell, a combination of  Algy’s  persistent charm and Bengy’s good nature won the day. Both THARG’s little beauties and from the looks of this, destined to become great friends. 

  • Livia (Formerly Cyberia)

    Hello to everyone at THARG, We thought you’d like to know how well Cyberia – now Livia – has settled in. Initially she was rather nervous, but is now very confident with the family, although she tends to back away from strangers. She soon abandoned  her official ‘cat’ bed for the top of the sofa […]

  • Paris

    Hello to everyone at THARG, We re-homed Paris on 11/11/11 – in the sanctuary, Paris was a little feisty but as soon as we introduced her to her new home, she was like a completely different kitty! She has settled in really well. She loves to explore and will have a go at climbing anything […]

  • Brody (Formerly Shane)

    Dear Heatons, We adopted Shane – now Brody – from you in December 2010. He had been found in the snow by an elderly couple who couldn’t keep him because they had a dog. He had only been at the rescue one day, and you said he was lucky to be rescued because you were […]

  • Urmel (formerly Kizzy)

    Hi, I took Urmel (formerly Kizzy) home 3 1/2 years ago. I just wanted to let you know that she is doing great and is much loved. She was skinny and timid at first but soon she was thriving and developed a lovely personality. She lives in a nice flat with a garden and her […]

  • Minnie (Formerly Midnight)

      Midnight – 1 year on!!! A year ago (15/1/11), we visited you and came home with Midnight. Midnight was quite poorly and had, lets say, anger management issues (!!!) but we knew all of this before we chose her and we decided she needed a home as much as the others did. We all […]

  • Jaffa Cake & Muffin

    Hi, I thought I’d send you some photos of our 2 cats we re-homed from you in August. Jaffa cake and Muffin were from a litter of 4 kittens and all were very cute but we couldn’t have them all! Jaffa cake and muffin really sold themselves to us, Jaffa was asleep in the litter […]