Cats available for adoption

We are not holding open sessions, but once we receive your application, and a match looks likely, we arrange for a 1:1 appointment for you to meet us and the cat you are interested in. If you are considering several cats, it will be possible to see them all in one visit.

Our cats and kittens are placed on the website and on our Facebook adoption page when they are almost ready to leave us. If you are interested, please see below how to apply. Please note that we do take take applications by telephone nor via Facebook. It is not possible to apply in advance as we do not keep a waiting list.

If you are thinking of adopting a cat or kitten, please read our adoption policy before sending us an application


1 year old

This stunning black short haired lady is Portia, she is around 1 year old and was found living in a disused car. When she came into rescue her fur and skin was in quite bad condition and she was in need of some care and affection. She is now fit and healthy and is looking […]


approx 1 year old *** RESERVED ***

Suki is a short haired female with very unusual markings and the most stunning bluey grey eyes. She is very loving and likes to be around people and receive lots of attention. She loves cuddles, head rubs and strokes and will jump up on your knee to demand more from you. Suki can also be […]


12 years old approx

This is Pippa, she came into us as a stray at around 12 years old. She is a short haired tortie known as a ‘calico’. Pippa has got a wonderful personality, she doesn’t like other cats and will have a right old grumble if there are any around. She also dislikes being picked up and […]


approx 6 years old *** RESERVED ***

Tallulah is a lovely tortoiseshell female who loves nothing more than a good fuss, head rub and snuggle. She was brought into the sanctuary after being stray for at least 18 months and now just wants to find a loving home with humans that will adore her. Thankfully Tallulah was fed by several people in […]


18 months old ***REHOMED***

Valentine is our beautiful black and white mum who came into the sanctuary with her eight kittens. She was only quite young herself but has managed to look after herself and rear her eight babies against all odds. Now most of her babies have left for their new homes so its time for Valentine to […]