Here are some of the many cats we have rehomed, looking ever-so-happy in their lovely new homes. Thanks to all of our adopters for sending in their rescue pics – we love to see them!

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  • Peanut now Sparkie

    It’s his second birthday we adopted him Christmas 2017. He’s very happy. Best regards

  • Annie

    Annie is doing really well and has settled in nicely!

  • Paris now Ivy

    To everyone at Heatons Cats, Here are some pictures of Paris (now Ivy). She has settled in really well and is great fun. She is just so cute and cuddly! I feel so lucky to have her.

  • Jigger and Marley

    Hi Heaton Cats I just wanted to let you know after nearly years how Jigger and Marley were getting on. Not sure if any of you would remember them, but they had been at the rescue for nearly 18 months (I think) when we homed them, so maybe you will. They are both very happy […]

  • Levi now Millo

    Hi guys not a peep from the gorgeous boy on the way home in car. Enjoyed Caitlin talking to him all the way and a little stroke Had a bite to eat now and settling in nicely eve  n met our resident cat Elsa in a safe way. Loves the garden!

  • Charlie and Lottie

    Hi all at Heaton cats, Thank you so much for letting us re-home Charlie and Lottie. They are settling in really nicely and getting used to each other. I’ve attached some photos for you to look at. Many thanks

  • Lenny

    Hi all Just thought I would send a quick update to say Lenny is fully settled into our home now and it’s as if he has been here forever let alone only 5 weeks. He’s growing well and turning into a loving inquisitive cheeky cat and we all love him dearly.

  • Marley

    Hi I just wanted to let you all know that Marley is settling in really well in his new home. He’s enjoying lots of attention and having fun with his new toys. We are so thrilled to have him as part of our family.

  • Betsy now Cocoa

    I thought I’d share a quick update on Betsy, whom we adopted from you almost three weeks ago now. She settled in remarkably quickly and has proved herself to be utterly charming. She loves her wand toys and using the cat tree from where she can survey the garden – her future domain. And even […]

  • Alfie

    Its been a week and Alfie has progressed MASSIVELY  ! From hiding in the bookcase he is now confidently exploring two rooms in our house . Its taken until now for him to explore a second room and I am quite sure he will have explored more by next weekend. He is extremely affectionate and […]

  • Stew and dumpling

    A merry Christmas from me and the lovely cats they’re doing really well

  • Casper

    Hi Just to let you know Casper is doing great and has his human slave working for him very well!

  • Buddy and Belle

    It’s been 3 weeks since we brought home these two beautiful kittens, Buddy (was Coco) and Belle (was Beatrice). They settled into our home immediately and are doing really well and are growing every day. They love to play together and run around the house throwing their toys about at all hours and can certainly […]

  • ginger lily and Rafferty

    I was just getting in touch to let you know that the cats ( previously Ginger and Gary) are settling in well. Rafferty Rascal is living up to his name and he is a boisterous ball of fun and never stops eating!  Ginger Lily’s very calm and content and lovely to lie along the back […]

  • peanut

    Hi He’s settling in well, quiet a character. Climbs up people and rests on their shoulders, very vocal. Best regards

  • Saffy

    my mum and i wanted to adopt a rescued kitten we went online and discovered Heaton cats  visited on the 21st of December and instantly were welcomed by the amazing team at Heaton cats we instantly fell in love with Saffy and on the 22nd of December we brought her home our house is now […]

  • poppy

      Here is Poppy, settling in well with our family & other cats now. Warm inside while the snow and ice wind bites outside. She seems rather content, untroubled by much, though she doesn’t have the happiest cat face, I’m sure we’ll change that in no time. She loves her food and is very happy […]

  • Bobbie

    Hi Heatons team, I just wanted to give you a quick update on Bobbie (now renamed Lula), as she’s been with us for nearly two weeks now.  This lovely little lady has well and truly settled in and made herself at home!  After a nervous first day, she got her ‘braves on’, and ventured out […]

  • millie

    It’s now two weeks since I adopted Indie (was Millie).   She is a gorgeous old cat and has settled in very quickly and claimed every comfy place as her own.  She had obviously been very well looked after as you would never know she was 14 – her coat is in lovely condition. Thank […]

  • Ollie and flora

    Ollie and flora are settling in well

  • Eva

    Just to let you know, Eva settled in very quickly last night and just wanted lots of cuddles and fuss! Thanks for all your help and for our lovely Eva.

  • Daisy

    Hi I thought I’d send you a quick update a week on from collecting Daisy. I can’t believe it’s only been a week! She has settled in really well and so quickly too! She is a little bundle of trouble , into everything but a very welcome addition. Thanks for looking after her. Best wishes

  • Tilly

    Just wanted to update you on Tilly who came to live with us about 6 weeks ago. She is completely adorable. A house cat who was very quiet and nervous when she came to us she is growing in confidence with every day that passes. She happily jumps up for a cuddle and is now […]

  • Tiffany now Pudding

    Dear Heatons, Pudding ( was Tiffany) has been with us for a few weeks now and seems very happy with her new home! Her favourite things are lazing on her back while her belly gets rubbed, playing with her toys (and paper) and waking me up early in the morning with excessive head-bumping. She settled […]

  • Hazel now Rosie

      Hi all at Heatons Just a quick email to let you know that ‘Hazel’ now Rosie, has settled in super quickly and is happy in her new home. She is full of mischief and plays with the boys all day, then cuddles up with one of them through the night. Feels like we’ve had […]

  • Teddy

    I just wanted to say a massive thank you for Teddy. He’s the most affectionate and snuggly kitten I’ve ever met which is a huge credit to you. He’s getting on very well and I think even his big sister is starting to like him….

  • Fox

      Fox is beautiful & settling in really well. She’s eating , drinking & using her litter tray & scratch posts. She’s obviously been a very well trained &  looked after cat. She’s very gentle and loves a tickle & rub around her neck and she’s purring a lot so hope she’s happy. She’s just […]

  • Oscar and Olivia now Timmy and luna

    Dear Heatons Cats, It is a month today since we adopted Timmy (Oscar) and Luna (Olivia), and we are delighted with them. They are thriving and have completely taken over our lives. We are so pleased that we have them. You will see how relaxed they are from the photo! Many thanks for giving them […]

  • Betsy

    Dear Heatons, Betsy has now settled in and is no longer scared of the conservatory! She spends most of her day meowing at us for fuss pushing all her toys under the couch. Thank you so much for introducing this little bundle of affection and energy into our lives!!  

  • Nesta *was Tosca*

    Hello all, It’s six weeks since we adopted Nesta and he took his first trip out into the garden today, so it felt like a good time to send you an update and a few photos. Nesta settled very quickly, and was only anxious for a few hours. He does things gradually and it took […]

  • Montague *was Welsby*

    Hello to all at the Heatons, I would like to let you know that Monty has settled in famously. He has his favourite comfy spots dotted around the house, chatters to the wildlife through the window and is a proper food monster. He has been chipped (which is his door key to the cat flap) and will be let loose on […]

  • Lucy

    Hello, Just wanted to send over an update about Lucy, whom we adopted last Thursday. She is settling in well, sleeping and eating lots, and an absolute furry bundle of affectionate joy. We’re so pleased to share a home with her! Please find attached a few photos of her. Thank you again to your staff […]

  • Tiffy was Fifi

    Hi everybody at The Heatons, I wanted to write and let you know how well Fifi (now Tiffy) has settled in since we adopted her in late October/early November last year (2016). We were a bit worried about how she’d cope without her sister Miffy, who we unfortunately weren’t able to take, but it doesn’t […]

  • Hero

    Here is hero, the last of the litter to go from Mayo’s kittens. He settled in after about 2 days and is absolutely adorable.  He is fun, playful and very affectionate.  He loves being held like a baby and follows me around the house!  He is just perfect for our family.  Our girls dote on […]

  • Leo was Larry

    Hi I thought I would just give you a quick update on Larry, who we adopted from you about 10 days ago.  We have renamed him Leo as my husband is called Laurence and we thought that may cause confusion! After a week of growling and hissing at him, our older cat Monty has finally […]

  • Victoria

    Hi Julie,   I hope this finds you well!   Victoria has been settling in really well so we wanted to share a few pictures with you. She is super affectionate and likes nothing more than getting strokes on her tummy or her chin – or ideally both at the same time.   She has […]

  • Alfie was Albert

    Hi Just wanted to let you know that Alfie has settled in very well – has even had a little venture outside! He seems very happy.

  • Bubbles & Cheeky

    Hi Heatons Just to let you know that Bubbles and Cheeky are now fully settled in their new home (amazing how fast six months have gone !) and it feels like they have always been here, Thanks so much for looking after them until we came along. Best wishes Peter and Anne  

  • Moses

    Hello, Just to let you know Moses has settled into his new home (Re-homed on Saturday 3rd Sept 2016). He’s very playful and affectionate and can sleep in some very odd positions. He can also be very vocal when its feeding time. So glad we came to Heaton Cats and found him. You all do […]

  • Leonard *was Findley*

    Findley (now Leonard), joined our household in January 2015 and we haven’t looked back! He settled in very quickly and is always very happy. Weather it’s sunbathing in the yard or curled up with us on the sofa, he is very content. He is a great companion to have in the house and adopting him […]

  • Cromwell *was Hayley*

    Hello I’ve been meaning to send you an update since Cromwell (was Hayley) came to live with me in January this year. She made herself at home right away and settled in well – she completely rules the roost and I couldn’t be happier (even when she’s jumping on my head to wake me up […]

  • Aurora *now Silky*

    Hello ladies, Just wanted to send you a couple of pictures of our lovely cat Silky, previously Aurora. She has settled in so well in such a short time and looks very pleased to be part of our family. She is so soft and good natured and we hope she is as happy with us […]

  • Misty (was Boodles) & Willow (was Waffles)

    Just to let you know how well this pair have settled into their new home. They are lovely cats with very different personalities. Misty (was Boodles) is a very lively cat, mischievous and extremely playful! Willow (was Waffles) is more laid back and timid, but always up for a cuddle. They have just been allowed […]

  • Borin

    Hello lovely cat ladies Just a quick note and pic to let you know, one week on, Borin is well and settling in (husband’s been relegated to sofa). He’s so well behaved and we are learning that once he allows us to get near him, after a stroke or two, his purrs start and away […]

  • Winston and Dev

      Hi Some pics of our cats that we got from you. There ace. One was called elvis

  • Panda and Pixie-were Rita and Ora

      Hi Wanted to let you know that Rita and ora ( now renamed panda and pixie!) are settling in so well! We love our new little friends so much; they are eating well and becoming less shy each day. Hope you like the pictures/video, mainly of pixie (ora) as panda is usually curled up […]

  • Bullet *Was Lottie*

    Hello everyone, We picked up Lottie (now Bullet) on Saturday.  She has been such a good girl, within 2 hours she had eaten, played and used her litter tray.  She has been exploring the house and loves to sit looking out of the windows. In the morning she seems to like to jump on our […]

  • Gizmo (was Rolo)

      Hi just wanted you to let you know how well Gizmo has settled in since he came to live with us in March. He’s a lovely cat who enjoys being out and about but also loves cuddling up on the sofa.  We feel lucky to have found him, Jane and Stuart.

  • Salem

        Just wanted to let you know that Salem has settled really well with us (after hiding from us for the first 2 days!) She is a lovely cat and we are all delighted with her. Many thanks! The Adkins family  

  • Yana

      Hi all, We rehomed Yana on 22 August and she is really settling well now. Yana and I thought you would like to see  some photos of her in her new home. Kind regards Catherine Nixon