Kittens available for adoption

We do not take general applications for kittens: it is only possible to apply once they appear on our website.

We prefer to rehome kittens in pairs, as they have never been alone and are closely bonded with their siblings. We do have some singletons where there is an odd number in a litter.

We only show our kittens when they are 10 weeks old, after having their first vaccination. We will be looking to find them new homes at this point so they are ready to leave us at 12/13 weeks old after their second vaccination. Spaying and Neutering of the kittens will be done at 5/6 months of age, this agreement is signed when picking up your kitten! it is not negotiable and we will ensure this is done before we sign off our kittens.

Please note that we do not rehome kittens to families where there are children under five years or to families who have dogs. Regrettably, we are unable to start an application without the information in full.

If you are thinking of adopting a cat or kitten, please read our adoption policy before sending us an application


9 weeks old *** RESERVED ***

(won’t be rehomed until after her second vaccine) This cute little Tortie fur baby it just an absolute heart breaker. She is so playful, cuddly and loud! She gives all the adult cats here a run for their money especially at feeding time. Dixie loves cuddling up in her blanket or her bed and is […]


9 months old

(Can be rehomed as a single or with her brother Milo. They are closely bonded and our preference would be to keep them together)) Luna is a perfect little princess she really is the definition of what a cat should be. She has the loudest purr and just loves all the attention all day long. […]


9 months old

(Can be rehomed as a single or with his sister Luna. They are closely bonded and our preference would be to keep them together) Milo is a chonky cuddle buddy who just loves to lay down and relax while you scratch his ears and kiss his little nose. He adores all human attention and will […]


7 months old *** RESERVED ***

Jojo is such a loving kitty, and is also so chilled. She loves to sleep on her back with her fluffy paws in the air and when awake she loves to sit in the window watching the world go by. She is such an amazing fur baby who deserves a loving family who can keep […]

Jasper & Jade

9 weeks old *** RESERVED ***

Jasper and Jade are the remaining two of our 7 ‘Gem’ kittens. Jasper is the tabby and white male kitten who is quite confident and always seems to be at the centre of any havoc being created in the kitten pen. Jade is the black and white female kitten who likes to play with the […]

Oscar & Ollie

15 weeks old

This is our lovely pair of boys Ollie & Oscar. These boys are approx 15 weeks old and came into the sanctuary with their mum. Both boys still need some socialisation, although they are now more confident than when they came into the sanctuary. Oscar is our short haired black and white boy and Ollie […]


11 weeks old RESERVED

Meet Caspar he is one of our three Christmas babies who came into the sanctuary just prior to Christmas (hence his name). Casper is a male short haired tabby and white kitten. He is the most confident kitten out of the three boys and the largest. Casper loves playing with his brothers and really enjoys […]


11 weeks *** RESERVED ***

Noel is a short haired black and white male kitten who is one of our three Christmas kittens arriving at the sanctuary just prior to Christmas, hence the name. Noel likes to play with his brothers but can be quite timid around humans he doesn’t know. You can pick him up and give him strokes […]