Monthly Archives: September 2014

  • Orlando and Tex *Now Orlando and Jasper*

    Hi there!   Just a quick update on the beautiful boys. They are settling really well. Orlando made himself at home straight away, while Tex has been a little more hesitant. Nevertheless, they have both been charging around playing this morning. They have both started eating and using the litter tray and generally seem to […]

  • Poppy

    Hello I just thought I’d drop you a quick note to let you know that Poppy, who we adpoted from you on August 9th, is settling in well.  She’s an abosutely lovely cat, so affectionate and never stops purring!. She’s also getting on really well with our other cat, Levon, and seems to have brought […]

  • Francine

    Just to let you know how brilliantly our gorgeous girl Francine has settled already. She is very playful and sociable, and we all adore her. Our two boys really love entertaining her, and having her around. Thanks so much. From the Harper family.

  • Dusty

    Hi everyone Just wanted to let you know that Dusty has settled in well and made himself very much at home. Many thanks to Joyce for taking care of him. Best wishes Sandra

  • Dinky Doo

    In memory of Dinky-Doo.  Hello, my name is Gizmo and I am temporarily residing at The Heatons Animal Rescue Group. When I arrived my first friend was a little black cat called Dinky-Doo, but his friends could call him Dinky. He had been here at the sanctuary for almost eighteen months and despite his slight […]