Monthly Archives: March 2018

  • peanut

    Hi He’s settling in well, quiet a character. Climbs up people and rests on their shoulders, very vocal. Best regards

  • Saffy

    my mum and i wanted to adopt a rescued kitten we went online and discovered Heaton cats  visited on the 21st of December and instantly were welcomed by the amazing team at Heaton cats we instantly fell in love with Saffy and on the 22nd of December we brought her home our house is now […]

  • daisy

    In memory of Daisy, a message attached from her loving owner. i wanted to share this with you for the website and to tell the world about my treasured little Daisy and how much she will be missed since she passed away in November 2017. I’d also like to thank you for the great work you do […]

  • poppy

      Here is Poppy, settling in well with our family & other cats now. Warm inside while the snow and ice wind bites outside. She seems rather content, untroubled by much, though she doesn’t have the happiest cat face, I’m sure we’ll change that in no time. She loves her food and is very happy […]

  • Bobbie

    Hi Heatons team, I just wanted to give you a quick update on Bobbie (now renamed Lula), as she’s been with us for nearly two weeks now.  This lovely little lady has well and truly settled in and made herself at home!  After a nervous first day, she got her ‘braves on’, and ventured out […]

  • millie

    It’s now two weeks since I adopted Indie (was Millie).   She is a gorgeous old cat and has settled in very quickly and claimed every comfy place as her own.  She had obviously been very well looked after as you would never know she was 14 – her coat is in lovely condition. Thank […]

  • Ollie and flora

    Ollie and flora are settling in well

  • Eva

    Just to let you know, Eva settled in very quickly last night and just wanted lots of cuddles and fuss! Thanks for all your help and for our lovely Eva.

  • Tommy

    Tommy had been with us at the heaton’s for a couple of months. We rescued him when he was living outside, and from the moment he came in, he was such a happy cat, and loved a cuddle. unfortunately from the start we knew Tommy would be a battle with him having multiple health issues […]