Monthly Archives: September 2019

  • Eve

    Eve is the mum of Finlay, Cameron, April and Dexter who are currently also up for adoption. Eve has the Feline Coronavirus, and is semi feral. Eve was rescued from a shed with her beautiful babies, when we were looking after her babies Eve came around to us and would let us stroke her head […]

  • Peanut now Sparkie

    It’s his second birthday we adopted him Christmas 2017. He’s very happy. Best regards

  • Annie

    Annie is doing really well and has settled in nicely!

  • Paris now Ivy

    To everyone at Heatons Cats, Here are some pictures of Paris (now Ivy). She has settled in really well and is great fun. She is just so cute and cuddly! I feel so lucky to have her.

  • Jigger and Marley

    Hi Heaton Cats I just wanted to let you know after nearly years how Jigger and Marley were getting on. Not sure if any of you would remember them, but they had been at the rescue for nearly 18 months (I think) when we homed them, so maybe you will. They are both very happy […]

  • Cheeky Charlie

    Hello all. I can barely believe I’m typing this, but it has to be done. Our wonderful Charlie (previously known as Jonass or ‘Slinky Cat’)  has left us. He’d had some odd symptoms over recent months and although all tests came back negative, the vet said Charlie had a heart murmur, not unusual in a […]

  • Levi now Millo

    Hi guys not a peep from the gorgeous boy on the way home in car. Enjoyed Caitlin talking to him all the way and a little stroke Had a bite to eat now and settling in nicely eve  n met our resident cat Elsa in a safe way. Loves the garden!

  • Cheeky

    We lost our beautiful boy Cheeky very suddenly on 9th May. We adopted him from Heatons in April 2016, when we had recently lost our last cat, Benny. When we attended the sanctuary, we asked to see the most needy cases, and were presented with Cheeky and his mother Bubbles. Bubbles seemed friendly enough, but […]