These lovely cats are currently available for adoption – could you give one of these felines their forever home? Have you a suitable home (and lap) to offer?

If you are interested in potentially adopting one of our cats, please call us on 0161 975 0784 for an informal chat (Mon-Sat 10am-5pm), or send us an email at, and we’ll get back in touch as soon as we can.

Provided you are a suitable match, we can arrange an appointment for you to come and visit! Or, if you’d prefer, we have an open re-homing session on Saturdays between 2 and 4pm.

If you’d like to come down on a saturday then, no appointment is needed, however we may not have enough time to see you on the day you attend – if you book an appointment over the phone we will see you at the time you requested. So we advise you book an appointment to avoid disappointment.

Please check out our re-homing policy before visiting.

As we do homechecks, it is not possible to take a cat or kitten immediately. We ask to see ID with proof of address, and aim to do a home / address check within 4 – 5 days.

  • Luke

    This stunning chap is Luke. Age is unknown but we are ageing him between 3-5. We rescued Luke from a feral and stray life with the thought of releasing him back to his chosen habitat (hence his ear being clipped). But we were amazed when we heard him purring and allowed us to stroke his […]

  • Molly **RESERVED**

    This upside down beautiful tortie is Molly. She is 4 years old and came into us after being left outside in the cold after her owner sadly passed away. Molly has had her little life turned around after losing everything she had. But she is adapting to her new life with us very well, she […]

  • Dylan

    Dylan is our grumpy boy. He is 5 years old, he really doesn’t like the sanctuary and is struggling to adapt to his new life with us. At the moment we get greeted with a lot of hissing and growling but we know he will settle down with us soon, he has been so used […]

  • Aurora

    Aurora is our newest resident and she is so FLUFFY!!!!!!. Aurora is estimated at 3-5 years old and has come into rescue after living inside a shed for the past couple of months. Aurora is stunning to look at and is a little chatter box, she is always making some kind of noise whether it […]

  • Crystal

    Crystal is around 2 years old. She was found outside as a stray and came into us with her kitten who has now been reserved. Crystal is slowly getting used to her new surroundings and is trusting us more and more everyday. She is such a pretty girl who has now been rescued from the […]

  • Eve

      Eve has the feline Coronavirus (please call us to talk to us about the virus, it isn’t transferable to human and eve is able to live a long and healthy life). Eve was found in a shed with her beautiful babies, and was rescued from there and brought into the safety of our sanctuary. […]