These lovely cats are currently available for adoption – could you give one of these felines their forever home? Have you a suitable home (and lap) to offer?

If you are interesting in potentially adopting one of our cats, please call us on 0161 975 0784 for an informal chat (Mon-Sat 10am-5pm), or send us an email at, and we’ll get back in touch as soon as we can.

Provided you are a suitable match, we can arrange an appointment for you to come and visit! Or, if you’d prefer, we have an open re-homing session on Saturdays between 2 and 4pm, if you’d like to come down then, no appointment necessary. (Please be aware, there may be a wait during this time, so you may wish to ring ahead for an appointment.)

Please check out our re-homing policy before visiting.

  • Billy and Clyde

    Billy and Clyde (Billy has white patch on chest) are now almost a year old.  They are very handsome and very big boys! Billy and Clyde are both super-loving boys and you would never be able to tell that they were once semi-feral. They are both very playful and love having a fuss. They are both […]

  • Stitch *rehomed*

    Stitch recently came into the sanctuary with Rascal. She is a 5 years old female tabby with a lovely affectionate nature.  She loves to be fussed and will get on your lap for cuddles if you let her. Stitch would make a great companion though we are not sure what she would be like with […]

  • Rascal

    Rascal is our handsome tabby and white male, he has only recently arrived (with Stitch) at the sanctuary and is still getting to know us.  Rascal is approximately 3 and a half years old and although he likes a head rub he is still a little scared.    He is neutered and microchipped and will […]

  • Daisy *rehomed*

    Daisy is a very affectionate female, aged between 8 and 10 years old. She is quite a small cat, which adds to her cuteness! She is very loving and enjoys being fussed and given attention. She would prefer to be an only cat, as she doesn’t particularly get on with others.

  • Poppy

    Poppy is a tortoiseshell who likes a quiet place to relax. She loves attention though a little cautious at first. She likes to have her head rubbed and would happily sit on your lap.  Ideally she would like a home which is quiet maybe with older children with no other pets.  Poppy came into the […]

  • Pippa

      Pippa is a lovely black and white female cat. She is approximately 4 years old and although a little timid at first likes to be stroked and fussed. Pippa will happily sit on your knee for cuddles once she get to know you, although she isnt keen on being picked up. She would suit […]

  • Lily *Rehomed*

    Lily is a gorgeous (and naughty) 6 year old female tortie. She is a little feisty, although not in an aggressive way. Lily came to us as she wasn’t getting on in a multi-cat house (it was her bullying the others). Therefore, Lily is to be an only cat. She is also not suitable for […]

  • Penny

    Penny is a 6 year old female tabby/tortie. Brought to us as a stray (she has obviously been someone’s cat at some point), Penny took a couple of weeks to settle in. Now used to her new surroundings, she has shown herself to be very affectionate, rubbing herself over you. She isn’t too fond of […]

  • Bobby *Rehomed*

    Bobby is a charming, chatty 15 year old male. He is full of character and is a sanctuary favourite! Bobby is suitable as a house cat (although he can go outdoors) and doesn’t mind other cats. Could you give Bobby a home?

  • Izzy *Rehomed*

    Izzy is a friendly, relaxed female, approximately 2 years old. She has an easy-going temperament and likes a fuss and attention. Izzy was found as a stray in a DIY store, whose staff took it in turns feeding her. Izzy is now vaccinated and is believed to be neutered. If she does end up requiring […]

  • Isabella *Rehomed*

    Isabella is a beautiful 2 year old semi-feral female, who is FIV positive. As an FIV+ cat, she must remain an indoor cat to avoid spreading the virus to other cats in the area. She is neutered and vaccinated, but must also be an only cat. Isabella came to us as a skinny stray with […]

  • Sirius *rehomed*

    Sirius is a gorgeous all black male cat with random white tufts of fur on his back. He has come into us as a stray, despite efforts to find an owner, we have been unsuccessful so Sirius is now up for adoption. He is approximately six to seven years old, and since coming into the […]

  • Robin and Esme *rehomed*

      Robin and Esme (approx 6 months old) were rescued by us last year from an awful start in life, it was doubtful that they would even survive but luckily we have such dedicated staff that nursed them back to health. They were fostered by one of our staff members and now its their time […]