We do not show our very young kittens to the public. It disturbs the Mums, and we need to avoid anything that might make them anxious while they are caring for their gorgeous babies. Once the kittens are 10 weeks old, they are ready to have their first vaccine, and we can offer them for rehoming. All our kittens are wormed, treated for fleas, and will need their second vaccine, which we pay for providing our vet is used, at 13 weeks. They will also be microchipped at 13 weeks at the same time as their second vaccine.
The new owner is responsible for spayng or neutering the kitten. This is condition of rehoming.
Please note that we do not rehome kittens to families where there are children under five years.


Welcome to Heatons Cats Rehoming Page. Once the cats and kittens in our care are ready for adoption, we place posts here with photographs and details on each cat.
Please see the posts below.
Adoption Procedure
If you see a cat or kitten you are interested in, please read our rehoming policy below. The next step is to contact us by email on purrs@heatonscats.org.uk or call us on 0161 975 0784. We would like to know:
– Your name, address and postcode
– Whether you have other pets
– If you have children, and their ages
– Have you owned a cat before
– Is someone around during part of the day
– If you rent your house, do you have your landlord’s permission to have a cat
= Also, please tell us briefly why you would like to adopt this particular cat or kitten

Once we have assessed the adoption applications, we will contact everyone within a couple of days and arrange a home check on the home we think is best suited to the cat or kitten. We aim to do home checks within around 4 days, and we can then discuss a firm date for you to take your cat or kitten home. All cats will be neutered,vaccinated, chipped, flead and wormed. Kittens cannot be neutered until they are around 20 weeks old, but all are fully vaccinated, flead , chipped and wormed.
Our rehoming policy in summary
– We do not rehome to houses or flats on or near a main road, or near a railway line or canal
– We do not rehome kittens where there are children under 5 years old, or where there are dogs
– Most homes easily pass our homechecks, but some do not for a variety of reasons. The homechecker’s decision is final, and cannot be appealed. We do not refuse an adoption without good reason, and have a duty of care to ensure our cats and kittens go to the best and safest homes available

  • Dexter (mainly black), Finlay (has one white ear), Cameron (has black fur all around both eyes) and April (has black spot under chin)

    These beautiful babies have Feline Coronavirus. This is most likely passed to them from their mum who also has it. They don’t need medication for this and it shouldn’t stop them living normal lives. However we will not rehome these babies to anyone who hasn’t read up about the Feline Coronavirus.  These 4 beautiful babies were rescued from […]

  • Jasmine and Penelope. (penelope has more white on her face) **Both kittens now RESERVED**

    These pretty girls are now ready for reservations, and will be all ready for their new homes mid September. These girls are very similar to each other the only difference is there looks. Both girls are snuggle monsters who love to have all of the attention and if they don’t have it then they will […]

  • Felix(black + white), Wilfred (black + white with small dot under nose) and Ivy (dark tortoiseshell) **Only Wilfred is now AVAILABLE**

    These beautiful babies are now ready to be reserved and will be ready for their new homes early September. These three are from a litter of 5, two of which have already been reserved. Felix is the most confident and super curios, he will always be the first one out of his pen. Wilfred is […]

  • Suzy and Sadie **RESERVED**

    Suzy and Sadie are both girls and 12 weeks old. They were rescued with their mummy Alice. This gorgeous little pair are so close and we want to keep them as a pair. Both girls are a little bit timid but have only been with us a short time so it wont take long for […]

  • Stella *RESERVED*

    Meet Stella, she is a black female kitten now aged around 10 weeks old (25/7/19). Stella is completely black and very slight and has a mischievous little way about her. She loves to be picked up and handled and this usually turns into playtime with your fingers being the play thing, shes such an imp. […]

  • Rana and Chandani **RESERVED**

                (Chandani – dot on mouth, Rana – full white mouth) These beautiful girls are the kittens of our beautiful mum Indira. Both girls are super healthy and are all ready for their new homes. They are all so cuddly and playful and have matching personalities, both are very chilled […]

  • Rocky and Jay **RESERVED**

        Rocky is the handsome black and white tuxedo male, and Jay is the beautiful all black male. Both were born at the Heatons Cat Sanctuary along and have been very strong and healthy kittens from day one. They are very confident and rush out to great you as soon as you open the […]