We do not show our very young kittens to the public. It disturbs the Mums, and we need to avoid anything that might make them anxious while they are caring for their gorgeous babies. Once the kittens are 10 weeks old, they are ready to have their first vaccine, and we can offer them for rehoming. All our kittens are wormed, treated for fleas, and will need their second vaccine, which we pay for providing our vet is used, at 13 weeks. They will also be microchipped at 13 weeks at the same time as their second vaccine.
The new owner is responsible for spayng or neutering the kitten. This is condition of rehoming.
Please note that we do not rehome kittens to families where there are children under five years.
We will add a note to our website once we have kittens available. We now have a select few kittens available for viewings.

  • Tilly *REHOMED*

    Tilly is our resident black kitten, she is approximately 13 weeks old. Tilly is such a gorgeous little bundle of joy, who loves to be fussed all of the time. It was very hard to get a photo of her because as soon as you open the door she is purring away and wants to […]

  • Mitzi

    This is Mitzi, she is approximately 15 weeks old, Mitzi is a fluffy ball of energy who requires your attention most of the time, and if she doesn’t have it, she will find a way to get it. She has such a sweet and gentle little personality and loves nothing more than having a cuddle. […]

  • Millie *RESERVED*

    This is Millie, she is approximately 14 weeks old. Millie is a very pretty kitten that loves cuddles, she is a quiet kitten that doesn’t make much noise but loves the attention whenever she can get it. Millie has had her first vaccine, but would not be able to go to her new home until […]