Here are some of the many cats we have rehomed, looking ever-so-happy in their lovely new homes. Thanks to all of our adopters for sending in their rescue pics – we love to see them!

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  • Tucker

    Hi, Just wanted to let you know how Tucker was doing since we adopted him in January. As soon as we brought him home he settled straight in and was part of the family. He loves playing games, running around the house after his toys and snuggling up for cuddles. We have realised he prefers […]

  • Samson and Delilah *were Tanya and Tito*

    Hi,   This is Sam Yates from Bruce Lodge, Just letting you know we will drop the basket off to you soon, Here are some pictures of Samson & Delilah (Tanya & Tito) They have settled in great and the staff & residents love them very much.   Thanks Sam    

  • Holly and Woody *were Kitty and Nibbles*

    Hello Just thought we’d drop you a line to let you know how Holly and Woody (previously Kitty and Nibbles) are getting on since we rehomed them in October 2014. Woody (Nibbles) settled straight in and was very happy with the near-constant supply of belly rubs. He’s gradually exploring further and further afield but is […]

  • Archie *was Mojo*

    we are writing to inform you about Archie recently mojo,he is a brilliant cat and has let us stroke him he is still coming thow and will not let us pick him up yet but he is doing very well and is like a totally different cat from when we got him. thank you so […]

  • Cherry

    Hi, I thought you might like an up date on Cherry (we kept her name) whom we adopted from you on 28th Nov last year.She has settled really well and gets on with our other cat Bailey, they like chasing each other around the house! Cherry was quite shy when we first brought her home […]

  • Cinders

    This is cinders  who we rehomed a while back in December 2014. Shes going very well with the other cat who is by now very old. She is a lovely purry cat who snuggles up to us when she wants to sleep. She has her own game called tag. We run around with string, she […]

  • Flynn

      Hello Thank you so much for helping us find the perfect cat for our family. Flynn has been with us for three weeks now, and he’s settled in really quickly.  He’s such a gentle and affectionate creature.  He loves cuddling and having his tummy and chin scratched and he’s always finding inventive new places […]

  • Cleo *Was Martha*

    Just a message to let you know how Cleo (was Martha) is getting on in her new home. She settled in brilliantly and was purring loudly within minutes of arriving! She sleeps on the end of our bed on a jumper which she has adopted as her very own (and now refuses to give back). Within […]

  • Alfred and Bertie *were Alfred and Zachery*

    Hi – while I put my house in order have finally got round to sending you this update!   Our family (including 10 year old twins) adopted 2 1/2 year olds Alfred and Zachary in June 2014.  We renamed Zachary ‘Bertie’ as that just seemed more his name. We had initially only wanted to get […]

  • Heaton **Previously Tizer**

      Hello I thought I’d send a progress report on our lovely little monster! His name was Tizer but we’ve since called him Heaton after yourselves. We’ve had him about 7 months now and he’s still a lively, fiesty little monster who still fights and boxes but also has his lovely peaceful moments when he’s […]

  • Pandah **Previously Collette**

    Hi!   After seeing the success stories and thought I’d give you a very overdue (about 5 years?) update on how Collette (now Pandah) is doing. She is so relaxed and playful, a lot less shy than she was when we first got her! She rules the house and is truly spoilt. A very cheeky and […]

  • Pumpkin **Previously Lola**

      Hi, Jan here (Debbie’s mum) just thought I’d let you know how Lola (now Pumpkin) is doing. She’s grown hugely – even outstripping Pebbles ( in 2nd pic) We also took in a 7 week old kitten that had been abandoned, Percy – they are great pals

  • Johan

    Hello,   We just wanted to let you know that Johan has settled in to his new home very well. We kept his name, it definitely suits him. He’s a crazy little cat:very playful and affectionate and occasionally a bit naughty- but very cute with it. We can’t remember life without him now. He’s now […]

  • Zorro

    Hi I wanted to send you an update on Zorro who we adopted at the end of July 2014.   Unfortunately as we drove him home from the sanctuary a storm started which scared him and he spent the first few hours up the chimney !    It took him a while to get used to us but now he is really happy and settled […]

  • Sophie **Previously Talluaha**

    Hi Julie   We just wanted to let you know that Sophie (was Tallauha) has settled in really well and gets on great with out other two cats. She is full of energy and just loves to play with her favourite toy, da bird. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to adopt her. Kind […]

  • Bailey and Tillie

    Hello,   I’m attaching a couple of pictures of Bailey and Tillie..( originally Tipples with you guys, but we’ve given her back her original name). We adopted them in August, with Tillie being the shy one. We just wanted you all to know how well they’ve both settled in. They’re both lovely characters and have […]

  • Moggles and Poppy

    Both settling in brilliantly to their new home!

  • Carrie **Previously Cara**

    Hi, I promised to send you an update on Carrie (was Cara) who came to live with me on Easter Weekend 2014.  Finally I have got around to it!   Carrie has been completely at home since the moment she stepped out of the carrier.  Within 5 minutes she was sat on my lap doing […]

  • Paulus

    Hi we rehomed Paulus on Saturday – we have renamed him Sam and just thought I would drop you a quick email to let you know he is settling in really well. At the moment his favourite thing seems to jumping up and rubbing his face against rob until his glasses fall off – just […]

  • Peppa

    ‘Peppa’ is settling well into our family, she has been fine with the labrador and chihuahua, we think they will become great friends. She’s off to Nottingham next week to be with Darcey who thinks she’s adorable. We will keep you updated on her progress, ‘The Hufton Family’  

  • Pablo

    Hello, after seeing your page of Success Stories on your website, I wanted to write to let you know how Pablo is getting on. He has settled in really well, and is an incredibly friendly cat, who loves nothing more than sleeping on our knees and playing. Due to his soft palate he is a […]

  • Max *was Stig*

    Hi there, here’s an overdue update on stig who we adopted about 4\5 years ago. We renamed him Max, sometimes moody Max. He absolutely loves his family and will always follow someone around waiting to sit on them. He loves being fussed, but not on the belly! Not long after we got him we discovered […]

  • Orlando and Tex *Now Orlando and Jasper*

    Hi there!   Just a quick update on the beautiful boys. They are settling really well. Orlando made himself at home straight away, while Tex has been a little more hesitant. Nevertheless, they have both been charging around playing this morning. They have both started eating and using the litter tray and generally seem to […]

  • Poppy

    Hello I just thought I’d drop you a quick note to let you know that Poppy, who we adpoted from you on August 9th, is settling in well.  She’s an abosutely lovely cat, so affectionate and never stops purring!. She’s also getting on really well with our other cat, Levon, and seems to have brought […]

  • Francine

    Just to let you know how brilliantly our gorgeous girl Francine has settled already. She is very playful and sociable, and we all adore her. Our two boys really love entertaining her, and having her around. Thanks so much. From the Harper family.

  • Dusty

    Hi everyone Just wanted to let you know that Dusty has settled in well and made himself very much at home. Many thanks to Joyce for taking care of him. Best wishes Sandra

  • Robbie and Jellybean

    Hello, I adopted Robbie and Jellybean in january and wondered if youd like an update as a success story? Theyre both very happy and definitely rule my roost! Theyre such friendly and good natured cats and love cuddles with anyone who comes to visit. Lucy Fennell  

  • Elsa *Was Amelia*

    Hi guys,  thought you’d like some pictures of Elsa (was Amelia) she’s settled in really well and enjoying her boiled chicken although it did take a while before she ate properly. We both love her to bits ! I’ll send more pics soon. Kind regards jon&katia  

  • Juno (Formerly Manya)

      Dear All at Tharg,   Just wanted to let you know that Manya, who we have renamed Juno, is doing really well after a month with us.  She has enjoyed exploring inside and is getting outside a little bit too now she has been chipped and vaccinated.   She plays like a kitten and […]

  • Big bear

    I just wanted to drop you a quick email because I realised that I didn’t send the photos of Bear which I promised to send. I’ve attached a few – he’s very photogenic so it was hard to choose! He’s doing really well. All of his fur has grown back now so he’s looking even […]

  • Muezza

    Hi I thought you may like an update on how one of your rescue cats was getting on. I think she was only with you for a week before she came to us. We got Muezza from you on 20th January and she was very shy for quite a few weeks, hiding under the bed […]


      Just had to let you know that puss  (now called Fleur) has settled in wonderfully. Using the litter tray, eating and playing very well indeed. Our 12 year old (Wez) at least slept in the same room with her last night and (she slept very well) with no problems although he is taking his time […]

  • Lily & Dora

      Hello There We kept the names that ‘our girls’ had we adopted them 8 weeks ago – they just seemed to suit!! As you can see, they are settled and well and we are loving having them around. Although Dora (black cat) SHOULD be the explorer?? it is Lily who is into EVERYTHING and tires us out […]

  • Nala

      Hi there, Me and my partner adopted a cat called Nala from you about 2 weeks ago, and we thought we’d let you know how she’s doing. To say she was very shy to start off with, hiding away under our bed and barely touching her food, she was happily purring away on our […]

  • Snedgus

        Dear Tharg, I thought you might like to see these selfies of our wonderful cat, originally called Roman, whom we acquired from you seven years ago.  He has been exceptional value for money! Thanks so much for all your good work. BW Catherine

  • Evie

      Hi guys,   Just letting you know how Evie is getting on and included some pictures.   The first few days were quite turbulant. She was quite hostile and if we went near her she would lash out and hiss. She bit me a few times and gave Adam a whopping scratch across his […]

  • Winnie-was Rumba

      Hello there Heatons cat sanctuary. We thought that we’d let you know how ‘Rumba’ now known as Winnie is getting along. I don’t know what we did without her! She is a very cuddly and affectionate little lady, she will not let us read a book (she butts our hands until we are forced […]

  • Frankie-was Pansy

      This is Frankie (formally Pansy) we adopted her from you last February and she is doing great. Still a bit timid but loves a stroke under the chin and sleeping on our bed!  

  • Mollie-was Bubbles

      Please find enclosed a picture of my lovely Mollie (was Bubbles). I adopted her on 04/01/14 from  The Heatons. She is gorgeous-very affectionate and playful-loves to play with a ball with a bell in and likes even better if I play along.She also loves chasing the laser pen and nature programmes on TV with […]

  • Satin / Calypso

        Calypso previously known as Satin Calypso has settled in really well. She was very shy and wary initially, it took her a while to get used to us and the noises around her.  Unfortunately she got a throat infection in her first week with us, which meant her jabs being delayed, meaning she […]

  • Yogi

      We came in about a month ago and I fell in love with a little black fluff ball of a kitten. Happy to report that (yogi) Bear is now a happy little boy who loves nothing but chasing leaves and having cuddles. Thanks for everything. Jaime

  • Kuno

    One morning a sweet little black ball of a kitten was born at the sanctuary with only 3 legs due to birth complications. Desperate to give the little guy his chance, he was rushed to vets and his wound was stitched up, regardless of his slim chances. It was touch and go for a few […]

  • Tilly *Formerley Della*

      Just thought I’d let you know how Tilly (was Della) is getting on…. I’ve had her on a bit of a diet and she’s looking slimmer already. We have playtime at least twice a day and she loves chasing scrunched up bits of paper round and scratching on her post! I can’t believe how […]

  • Percy & Dylan

    I adopted Percy (formerly Buster) on Christmas Eve 2009. Percy was a cat who had been overlooked on many occasions, and that’s really why I wanted to take him home. He proved to be a bit of a challenge as he didn’t engage very well at all. He was very nervous and always seemed anxious, […]

  • Minnie

    Hello there just thought I would be in touch to tell you about Minnie a cat that I got from you about 12 years ago she’s great love her she is fit healthy and happy she’s a wonderful cat I have even got a tattoo of her. I have included a photo of her in […]

  • Benson-*Was Tegan*

      Hello to everyone at the Heatons – sorry I’ve not been in touch recently but been a bit busy knocking my new ‘owners’ into shape. I stayed in for the first weeks to get to know the layout of the place and stuff like mealtimes etc. Got a bit confused with the catflap business but […]

  • Mufasa

      Hi, as you know, I (Paul Boothroyd) took Mufasa from you on 2/10/2013. Thought I’d send you a write up and picture for your success stories page. Mufasa was one of Tharg’s cats on the “Cats for the more experienced owner”. That may have sounded a bit daunting, but things have turned out well […]

  • Tia-Previously Mina

      This is our lovely girl Tia previously Mina she is very lively and is getting used to living in her new home.

  • Rufus and Sparrow

      Hope you’re all well and are having lots of successful re-homing weekends in the run up to Christmas!   Rufus and Sparrow are doing really well-it’s unbelievable how much they’ve grown and how much energy they have. They’re both such loving cats and Matt and I love having them around…even if they do rule […]

  • Ricky

    Loving the website update, we check every month! Just thought you’d like to know about Ricky! He’s doing really well with his mum and dad Jane and Alex in Manchester after living with Jane and James and Callum and Tom in Withington! He was shy at first, hiding in cupboards whenever he could – now […]