• Milo

    Posted on July 12, 2013 by admin in Success.

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    Milo was brought to the sanctuary with his brother Jake when his owner could no longer look after him.
    As they were independent cats, they were re-homed separately.
    It didn’t take Milo long to settle in. He is so laid back and daft as a brush. Nothing bothers him in the slightest.
    He loves to sleep in a laundry basket in the kitchen during the day.
    At night time, when my daughter goes to bed, he follows her and sleeps on her bed only getting up when she does in the morning.
    He would sleep 24 hours a day if you let him.
    When he is in a deep sleep, he snores quite loudly. If he is not sleeping or eating,
    he is on my knee making strange soft ‘cooing’ noises and purring extremely loudly with contentment.
    He even purrs down the phone if the caller talks to him!
    His favourite food is ANYTHING! Even doughnuts, although they are only given occasionally for obvious health reasons.
    I hadn’t had a cat before Milo and had debated about becoming an owner for some time.
    Now I know for sure it was the best move I had ever taken.
    Thanks Milo for being such a great, loving cat.

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