daisy loving memory

In memory of Daisy, a message attached from her loving owner.

i wanted to share this with you for the website and to tell the world about my treasured little Daisy and how much she will be missed since she passed away in November 2017. I’d also like to thank you for the great work you do and for allowing me the privilege of taking Daisy (aka Winnie) home with me all those years ago in 2004.

Daisy (previously “Winnie”) came to me in 2004 as a very talkative and fiesty gal with no known history;  living up to her notoriety as a naughty tortie, she was a real handful! Quite the unpredictable puss, I wondered if i had made the right decision. But over the years, we became best friends. She was my right hand girl, always by my side through thick and thin, always there when I came home and always providing the entertainment. She was well known in the neighbourhood thanks to her boldness;  despite her “colourful” character she very much enjoyed settling down on the sofa at night for snoozes and strokes – but heaven help the one who dared disturb her! God bless you Daisy – there will never be another like you and I count my lucky stars that we had so many years of fun and happiness together xxx