Heatons Cats Blog: November 7th

Welcome to our update. We are trying to update our blog regularly, but unfortunately things have been pretty hectic here recently, and we are a little behind – sorry!


We have rehomed several of our cats and kittens recently, including Rolo, Duchess, Sisi, Daisy, Leo and kittens Berlioz and Toulouse. We do receive many adoption requests from families who have dogs or live well within 100m of a busy road. We know that cats can live quite happily in multi pet households but many of our cats are ex stray and we do not know their background. Therefore, it is impossible to judge whether they would be frightened by the presence of dogs, and we simply will not risk it.

The danger from busy roads is obvious, and we cannot deviate from this policy. So many cats are involved in RTAs each year, and we need to ensure that ours are as safe as possible.

Cats Taken In

The rehoming requests keep coming! We are full, and have a long waiting list – as are most Rescues. The economic climate is partly the reason, but there are so many un neutered cats now and pregnant females are being discarded by their owner who does not want the expense or inconvenience of kittens. The fact that this is a natural consequence of neglecting to spay and neuter cats seems to have escaped many people.We are seeing increased examples of female cats with one litter of kittens being pregnant again, or of mixed un neutered sexes being kept in the same household. Just madness…….And the expectation is that Rescues will step in and take in all the cats and kittens. Rescues have limited capacity, and without funding, it is increasingly difficult to pay for whole families of cats and kittens to be neutered, vet checked, Microchipped and given flea and worm treatment. It costs around £300 per cat – without costs for additional veterinary treatment.

Our current residents

Our gorgeous Thomas O Malley and Marie are still not adopted, and Betty is yet to find a home too.

We will have more kittens available over the coming weeks, so please keep an eye on our website

Our gorgeous baby Harry (our blind cat) is living with one of our trustees and comes into the Rescue for daycare!. He is now almost 4.5 kgs, so not a baby really – but he is such a lovely boy.

Our Charity Shop

The shop has been erratic, the weather and cost of living both being a factor.

We have put our Christmas stock out early and have some really lovely cards and decorations.

We are grateful for all donations, but would ask that people please bring them to the shop during opening hours. We still have items left in our yard that we cannot sell or recycle, which means we have to take them to the tip.


Our Christmas Fair is on Sunday December 3rd in St Paul s Church hall, Heaton Moor Road. We will have Christmas gifts, cards, cakes, a tombola, a kids tombola, raffle, kids lucky dip and card making.

If anyone has any suitable items for any of these stalls, we would be really grateful.

How can you help

By donating a small amount to help towards our vet bills ( Bank is RBS, The Heatons Animal Rescue Group 16 21 17 account 10029815) or by Paypal heatonscats@gmail.com. (see the link on our homepage)

By clearing your cupboards and donating unwanted items to us: we are particularly in need of ladies winter clothes

By donating a small amount of cat food

By offering your time to help in our shop: this can be only for a couple of hours, and does not have to be every week.

Or simply by sharing our Facebook posts so as many people as possible see our posts and are aware of what we do.


0161 975 0784

Shop Hours: Tues-Saturday 1030-3.45